APOS 2017

April 25-27, 2017

Ayana Resort, Bali, Indonesia



APOS is Asia’s premier event for the media, telecoms and entertainment industry.

APOS brings together influential and innovative content creators, distributors and investors from around the world to speak, provide insights, forge new partnerships and unlock value for local markets across Asia Pacific.

The Summit is the ultimate destination for great conversations, deals and partnerships.

APOS host and organiser Media Partners Asia (MPA), launched the Summit in 2010.

MPA is the leading provider of advisory, consulting and research services, focused on media & telecommunications across Asia Pacific.

Key Themes

The Asia Pacific video industry, a US$120 billion juggernaut in 2017, is undergoing significant change and important shifts. Over the next five years, approximately US$40 billion will flow into the industry with digital taking up almost 60%, while TV will retain 40%. TV will maintain a strong share of wallet and ad budgets in key emerging markets, while increased market share of digital across the region is creating fresh opportunity for content creators, distributors and consumers.

Key themes for APOS 2017:

As telecom operators and online video platforms expand distribution partnerships, the role of incumbent pay-TV operators comes into the question. Are these new partnerships simply marketing strategies, and little more, or is this the start to a new pay-based video ecosystem, driven and dictated by telco 2.0?

How are established, emerging and new online video platforms building scale across key markets? How do they define and invest in a differentiated content proposition and what is the role of the data and analytics? How are they overcoming challenges in distribution, pricing and infrastructure to create a compelling experience for the consumer?

How are strategic and financial investors placing their bets and valuing assets and people across emerging markets and digital assets? How are they rewarding and investing in established assets that continue to generate cash in spite of concerns over disruption?

As the packaging and pricing of content in a broadband world changes rapidly, who will emerge as the final aggregators? Will that role be left to hardware manufacturers, or will a new breed of super apps and virtual operators emerge? What does this mean for the customer, for the content creator and for the other players in the vast media ecosystem?

Social networks continue to leverage data to drive traffic and could capitalize on multimedia content curation, creation and distribution with new tools. What will be the impact in Asia’s emerging and high growth mobile markets?

As programmatic becomes more prevalent, even in the world of broadcast TV, questions arise as to what this means for the TV ad markets. How do broadcasters, content creators and distribution platforms work across media to leverage the power of data to ensure more meaningful connections with their audiences

What are the trends in conventional sports rights in the era of digital fragmentation? What additional, alternative or emerging rights packages are federations thinking about? Are new global digital players a new source of reach or revenue? Is technology a friend or foe for the sports media or is sports media itself the next industry set for disruption?

How are new cycles of infrastructural investment and the development of next generation digital networks creating opportunity and challenge for content creators, distributors, policy makers and traditional incumbents? APOS 2017 focuses on Australia, China, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, UK / Europe and the United States.

Travel info

APOS 2017 conference will take place at Ayana Resort, Bali Indonesia during April 26 and 27.

APOS branded events will take place at both Ayana Resort and its neighbour property Rimba Jimbaran during April 25, 26 and 27.


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